Hendrix Tuning

hendrix tuning Did you know Jimi Hendrix had his own tuning? His tone has become a thing of legend and hendrix tuning played a big part in his unique guitar style. This particular tuning is really just a modified version of standard tuning with each string tuned down a half step. So, from heavy to light (left to right) each string is as follows: E-flat, A-flat, D-flat, G-flat, B-flat and E-flat. Some would probably ask, "why so many flats, Jimi?" His probable response would then be: "dig it man, bringing the strings down a bit helps me play this here guitar". One thing is for sure, this tuning darkens the standard tuning and makes it way easier to play.

Aside from bringing a darker tone, this tuning loosens the strings a bit and makes for easier fretting and playing. If singing along with a guitar tuned to standard is a strain in the upper registers, this tuning will make those high notes a bit lower and easier to sing. Maybe this was another reason Hendrix tuned down? Luckily, you don't need to change strings for Hendrix Tuning. Your light to medium gauge set will work fine. This can be a neat trick for singer songwriters in a recording session. If a certain song is causing a strain in the treble parts, just tune down to hendrix.

Guitarists may just want a slightly darker tone or a bit more bass than standard tuning affords. A half step down doesn't sound like much, but it can bring a massive change in tone. Find what works best for you and your guitar. Some will go a whole step down in an effort to nail the tone of a certain piece of music. Any lower than that though, and it will be time to consider medium strings.


by Ben Long

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