Perfect Guitar Tuner [INFOGRAPHIC]

May 7, 2015

The perfect guitar tuner is actually you! Using only the ears, try and tune each string. Beginners should always start with the default tuning of E Standard and those with a lifetime of experience should start trying some of the alternate tunings. Be sure and check your strings before dropping down to the open tunings. These tend to work best with medium gauge strings, since they bring out the bass end of the spectrum. Regardless of the tuning you choose, be sure and learn as many chords as possible. This increases your musical vocabulary and can even lead to perfect pitch. Playing the guitar is always a heightened experience when traveling and bringing one along can result in a memorable time. Airlines now allow passengers to carry on their guitars and stow in overhead compartments. You can also ask to place it in the staff closet, which usually has room.

perfect guitar tuner

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