Acoustic Guitar Pickups

plugging in


Once you plug in an acoustic guitar, you've entered another world. This world often sounds harsh and nothing like the actual guitar. It's a common complaint when plugging in for the first time, or anytime really. After 20 years of trying every single pickup in existence, reading reviews and spending too much money, I found the solution to "bad acoustic guitar amplification". The goal is to accurately capture the sound without altering the original, unplugged sound. This means leaving the soundhole open and having the least amount of "stuff" inside the guitar. Rarely is the highest fidelity solution also ultralight and super affordable.

The Prestige 330 pickup from JJB Electronics is the top choice amongst serious guitarists and luthiers. After reading all the praise online, I had to grab one. These capture a very wide frequency range and allow for the most natural reproduction of the tone. The three-piezo configuration touches three different points on the soundboard, resulting in an improved dynamic range. These do not fade or distort at high volume or with high-power systems

pickup soundboard installation


Bring your Prestige 330 and guitar to the local guitar shop or luthier for installation. This is a passive system, so next you'll need an external "Preamp" to bring everything up to line level. Luckily, you can now also grab the best acoustic guitar preamp. Don't skip this step! The signal must be "conditioned" before reaching its final destination. This keeps things consistent as you go around plugging into everything from random PA systems to amps to going direct at a recording studio.


acoustic guitar tuner pickups


The best gear is usually made in small batches. This pickup is for the purists seeking the most natural sound. It's practically weightless and beats similar pickups costing several times more. Hats off to JJB Electronics for designing this amazing piece of gear.


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