dadgad tuning DADGAD Tuning is also known as "D Suspended" and one of the most popular tunings of al time. It all started with English and Irish fingerpickers, which molded early celtic and folk music. Once Jimmy Page got ahold of this tuning, it was introduced it to whole new generation of listeners. The string layout is quite simply: D, A, D, G, A, D, from left ro right.

Not to be confused with drop d tuning, DADGAD tuning is another one that really opens up the guitar and can bring out tons of tone! Many of the best chords let the strings play open and this can work well for solo acoustic players who need some bass. As with most of the alternate tunings, DADGAD requires some medium gauge strings and possibly and adjustment of the truss rod. It all depends on the guitar, the sound you want, and how much comfort needed. Experienced guitarists may leave half the strings in light gauge, while only changing the lower strings to medium.

When working with Guitar Tuner DADGAD and using medium strings, it's important to leave the guitar in this tuning for at least a month. This allows the guitar to settle into the new string tension and even out the tone. If possible, dedicate a guitar to open tunings and keep the medium gauge strings on it. You can then experiment with the other open tunings, which are fairly close in terms of string tension and sound.

Even Middle Eastern music can be played in this tuning. Trying to play scales from standard tuning can bring surprises to even the most advanced guitarist.


by Ben Long

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