Guitar Lessons

guitar lessons Do you feel overwhelmed by guitar lessons? After 30 years of playing and teaching guitar, I have seen many of the same problems over and over. This list will be your reference for forming daily rituals that ensure rapid improvement over a lifetime of guitar playing. Regardless of your skill level, these core fundamentals will always b there to challenge and advance your skill.


Simply holding the guitar increases your familiarity with the fretboard, string tension and overal sound. When watching TV, mute the volume and watch while playing the guitar. Your eyes will be mostly on the TV and you may be slouched over or actually laying down. This is actually good, since the point is relaxing with the guitar. This time spent casually making noise with the guitar rapidly improves confidence as your fingers become better aquatinted with chords and riffs. This also works with the radio or your favorite CD. Play along with it or just try and play long with random songs. Remember to keep your guitar in reach, so when walking past you can't help but pick it up and strum.


Take time to also sit alone in a quiet room with the guitar. Turn off all smartphones, TV's, and computers, etc. It's time to really go for it and see what you can do. Try and play the chords found at the bottom of this site. Memorize the shapes and you'll soon find that there are certain chords that seem easier than others. Do certain chords buzz more than others? This is because of your weak fingers. They will strengthen over time.


The top two points will make this one super fun Others may know a simple riff or song and teach you. Banging on several guitars sound great even if it's from several bad players. This exercise forces you to listen at a higher level. Just find similar instruments and give it a shot. If you'd like to slow down songs and really dissect those classic solos then try Song Surgeon. It's a powerful tool and app for truly improving.

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