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After years of wading through a rising tide of pro guitar amps, a winner has emerged. In this case, "best" means transparent and uncolored tone with plenty of clean power. The AG300 Acoustic Guitar Amp with Digital Effects brings this and more. For those seeking audiophile performance for guitar, vocals and bass, there is only one choice. This compact, 3-way acoustic amp features a horn loaded 12", 6.5" mid and a titanium tweeter. It easily handles the low end alongside rich mids and crystal-clear highs. Perfect with all guitar strings picked, plucked, strummed or bowed, delivering the true fidelity of your instrument. Add the lush ambient effects to the high string definition and you'll get a sound that's naturally pleasing to the ear. The AG300 is surprisingly lightweight, considering all the premium features and rugged construction. The amp comes with a "lock-in" AC cord, making the AG300 an even greater asset, considering its ability to amplify bass instruments. With the optional speaker cab, the AG300 transforms into a full PA system.

AG300 panel


The AG300 was immediately put to work for a weekly open mic night. This is the ultimate test, due to the challenge of random instruments being plugged in and voices running through the amp. The AG300 passed with flying colors and was very easy to dial in each performer quickly. Each of the three channels have XLR inputs and instrument inputs. Channel 1 and 2 inputs are designed for piezo or magnetic pickups, and feature a HI-Z impedance switch to bring out the full tonal range of passive pickups. A GAIN switch matches low sensitivity pickups. The +48V phantom power switches on Channels 1 & 2 eliminating external power supplies required for condenser mics, active pickups or active direct boxes. Channel 3 may be used to mic an instrument or vocals, and the 1/8" jack serves as an input for your MP3 music source. A convenient USB charging port keeps your player going without having to worry about the battery in your portable device. This basically means it can handle anything and everything you throw at it.

At $540 , there is absolutely nothing to compare this to. No other guitar amp packs three channels and 250 watts of power into such a portable system. Factor in the digital effects and numerous pro features and it becomes a mandatory purchase. The AG300 will easily handle any acoustic guitar amplification task as well as PA duties. It's great to have a single unit that can do everything.

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