Low C Tuning

low c tuning Ever wonder about Low C Tuning? Well, you may want to start! This fine tuning drops it down to the lowest lows. Traditionally used for Celtic music, Low C is comprised of these notes: C,G,D,G,A,D and will likely make you feel irish within a few quick strums. Like most of the deep tunings, Low C lends itself well to open chords that let strings ring out. Grab some medium gauge strings and head for the forest. Keep your guitar in this tuning for as long as possible. After a month, they will settle and you'll hear the true tone of Low C.

Guitar Tuner Low C doesn't get much attention in modern music. Maybe you can give it a whirl and create something new. One this is for sure, the deep, rich tone is nothing like standard tuning. It's really more like DADGAD with a touch of Open D Tuning. The result is a celtic classic that may just turn your hair red and have you talking like a leprechaun.

The pot of guitar gold may just be attainable with this one. Try and play regular guitar chords meant for standard tuning and notice how some seem "wrong" while others sound "awesome" in Low C. This is the nature of being musical. Get curious while picking the strings and see what you can create. Aside from Celtic music, Low C has tons of potential for new music.


by Ben Long

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