Open C Tuning

open c tuning Open C Tuning is comprised of the following notes: C,G,C,G,C,E and as you can see, it's chock full of C notes. This tuning is perfect for beginners who want to try an alternate tuning, but really need a shortcut to get and running fast. Simply strum all the strings open and it will sound a Major C chord. From there, a guitarist can explore the fretboard and create their own unique music. This tuning is largely unexplored, so be sure and dive right in - the future of music depends on you!

Guitar Tuner Open C can be heard in songs from Ben Harper and Led Zeppelin, to name a few. Not to be confused with Low C Tuning, open C has a sound all its own. Never underestimate what changing one or two strings can do. As with any of the low guitar tunings, but sure and use medium gauge strings to bring out the rich tones. This will also keep you from breaking the guitar. Take your instrument to the luthier for a perfect setup that suits you. They will adjust the truss rod and even modify the bridge for more comfort and improved tone. A new setup with a different set of strings can transform your guitar and drastically alter the sound.

There is no need to scour the library for tablature in open c tuning, but you can create your own chords and progressions and make history. This is real magic of playing guitar (finding out for yourself) as the greatest songs of all time started out as casual noodling. Sit around and play guitar for a bit.


by Ben Long

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