Open D Tuning

open d tuning Every wonder about Open D tuning? It's a close cousin to drop d tuning but with a few distinct differences that set it apart. This one is tuned as follows: D A D F# A D and was popularized by slide guitar and fingerstyle. You can hear it in plenty of Neil Young songs and lends itself well to folk as well as jazz. Ballads and blues can get a good boost from the voicings found in Guitar Tuner Open D. It's perfect for beginners or those just wanting to hear great things from simply playing a bar chord.

This tuning can bring an interesting edge to blues progressions and even simple barre chord shapes can bring a ton of tone. It's a favorite amongst finger pickers due to its rich low end focus and simple manipulations of basic chords can bring wild musical changes. Try a few for yourself and keep track of the open d chords you come up with. Print out this free guitar chord maker and just draw in the dots where they seem to fit best. It's a great way to keep track of multiple tunings and helps guitarists stay on top of their creations.

Open D is a close neighbor to Drop D, and can bring a quick change without having to retune a bunch of strings. You'll find that minor keys work well in this tuning, with its default sound which could be described as sad or contemplative. Plug it in and transform drop b to a crunchy rock monster. It can instantly shift to heavy blues progressions with a jazzy edge.

Use drop d tuning on a guitar and you may have a hard time changing back to anything else. It's a treasure trove of musical accidents and sure to dust off the blues. Try to keep the two lowest strings open and retain the deep bass lines to accompany the rest of the fretboard. Walking bass lines in open d can bring a grin to the grouchiest musician and make it a great day of guitar playing.

by Ben Long

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