Open E Tuning

open e tuning Open E tuning is another classic tuning and also works with slide guitar. Popularized by the Stones, this tuning has already embedded its sound in our collective hearts, minds and musical memory banks. It's essentially open d tuning tuned a whole step up. The notes are as follows: E, B, E, G#, B, E

This one is best with electric guitar strung with a lighter gauge set of strings. Keith Richards made this one known throughout the 60's and beyond. It's a great way to blaze new territory, even in these modern times. The guitar isn't dead, it's just waiting for you to step up to open e tuning on your electric! Another big fan of this tuning is Sonic Youth, which tours with tons of separately tuned electric guitars, some only used for one song. As you experiment with all these alternate tunings, try and designate a guitar just for that tuning. Each one deserves time to settle and for you to find your favorite string gauge and guitar setup.

High tunings like open not as prominent on acoustic guitar due to their high tension. It's similar to Nashville Tuning and kind of a "one trick pony" for certain songs but not a great amount of bass frequency.

If you discover any cool chords in open e, be sure and let us know! It's kind of a mystery to guitarists far and wide

by Ben Long

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