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When it comes to the worlds best guitar collection, look no further than that of Gordon Close, master collector and lifelong musician. Gordon is the founder of Elite Sound, Harvest Guitars and Guitars for the Troops. Upon meeting Gordon, I was shocked to see a guitar collection rivaling that of most museums. I'm talking about vintage electric hollow-bodies from the 1940's in pristine condition. From original Silvertones to Gibson Amps, here was a roster of vintage gear rarely seen in public. They truly don't make em like they used to and the price for acquiring such guitars happen in auctions and sometimes at a steep cost. Over the years, Gordon noticed certain qualities in the manufacturing of these prized guitars and decided to make his own. Harvest Guitars creates high-spec acoustic and electric guitars at an affordable price

Hats off to Gordon for his dedication to the craft and neverending pusuit of pure tone!


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