432 Hz Tuning

432 Hz Tuning 432 Hz Tuning, also know as concert pitch, is making big waves in the music world and inducing fits of awesome. Considered by many to be the purest tuning for any musical instrument, 432 Hz tuning is said to do everything from "calm you down" to "repair DNA" and beyond. There are entire communities promoting this tuning, like the Denver 432 group. On the other hand, skeptics say the tuning feels dull and lends itself best to slow, legato music. Others are embracing the 432 Hz tuning and even using it for their writing, recording and playing of music. Not to be confused with Solfeggio Tuning, which is 528 hz and also purported to do great things. A good start to trying 432 Hz tuning is by starting with Standard Tuning in 440, then simply adjust your digital tuner to work at 432 and tune down. Once the guitar is tuned, play as usual and see if you can tell a difference. There is a certain mellowness to the tone, which lends itself well to slower strums.

The first thing you notice is how the overall vibe hits right in the heart and stomach level, as opposed to 440 standard. There are many who claim that standard, 440 Hz tuning has more of a cerebral effect. If you are a deep listener, this may become apparent.

One thing is for sure - People seem to be more stressed out than ever. Today's pop songs overpower us with excessive volume and shallow lyrics. There seems to be a massive rift between todays polished hits and those oldies that always hit you perfectly. Many of Paul Simons songs and other famous musicians are tuned to 432 Hz Tuning. Maybe this tuning is worth rocking out with some polka or metal songs.


by Ben Long

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